About Our Business

about_pageB. Richer Designs:

We started with a blanket.  A blanket I was given at a shower.  That I lost.  So I figured out how to make another one.  Then I put a name on one for a friend.  And I continue to get requests for more like them.  Needless to say this business has happened quite by accident.

My hope for this business is that it would grow for the soul purpose of being a blessing to the world.  I have a vision that as we grow and have a need for more seamstresses that they would be women who need to learn a skill and they would be paid a reasonable wage.  We try to price accordingly.  I hope that as we grow and begin to make a profit that all of our proceeds would go to charities we see making big differences in the lives the poor and broken.  Human trafficking is a cause close to my heart.  And having recently lost a baby, those coming home from hospitals with empty arms, and those caring for fragile newborns are other causes close to my heart.

I imagine as we grow and time passes different causes will become a priority, but ultimately my desire is that this business would be all about those God cares about: The poor,  the sick, the afflicted, the prisoners, the broken.  I pray that when I go before the throne of grace and everything I have done is tested by fire that B. Richer Designs is recognized before all of the saints as a blessing and an offering to the Lord.  Ultimately this is my hope