About the Owner

about us

I am a friend of God, wife to a Navy Diver and a mother of three beautiful children (bias acknowledged).  I carefully wrote that sentence in the exact order in which I intended.  I wear many other hats, but these are the only important roles I play.   Everything you need to know is about the God who is good to me and allows me to participate in His good works.

I hope and pray that every aspect of my life produces an outpouring of love through which His character is made known.  I fail.  Regularly.  He redeems me.  Completely.

I pray if you happen upon this small little piece of my life–my business–you would walk away in some way touched by God.

I hope to write a great deal more about my life and my more personal thoughts but they won’t be on here.  You can follow my blog at www.allthingsricher.blogspot.com

I do enjoy getting to know those who stop by.  Please feel free to contact me through the contact page.

In Christ,

Erin Richer