Growing up, Mother’s Day always seemed pretty cut and dry.  I have a mother.  I celebrate her on Mother’s Day.  She has a mother, and she celebrates her on Mother’s Day.  Simple enough.  I suppose part of growing up is learning the nuances of life that exist outside of our own immediate circles.

It’s only been the past three years that I have realized that Mother’s Day isn’t quite as simple as children celebrating their mothers.  I fight shame in saying that, as I consider myself a relatively sensitive person, but I acknowledge that many of you knew about the complexities of this day much sooner than I ever did.

See, I never knew anyone personally who struggled with infertility before that time.  I never knew the deep heartache that not being able to conceive left on a woman, nor the intensity of the struggle this places on a couple.  It also never occurred to me how many women miscarry children–many miscarry multiple children before ever carrying a child to term, and they quietly observe the holiday within their own souls knowing the world would not understand or legitimize their grief on this holiday.  While they are mothers, too, they have only experienced the grief that comes with losing someone for whom they themselves would die.

Having experienced losing a baby at 24 weeks, and knowing the silent and deep pain that comes with this sort of loss as well as the joy of redemption and healing, I have joined forces with Emma’s Footprints to help others experience the healing that can prevail after a devastating loss. I joined their board earlier this year and am thrilled to personally be part of the vision they are fulfilling in helping those who have to walk out of hospitals with empty arms.   Besides joining them personally, however, I have also been pondering ways to join them professionally.  I have begun to write for them in different capacities–expression through writing is a love of mine.  But it has been a deep desire to connect B. Richer Designs, a baby outfitting company with this precious cause as well.

So here it is: Our first effort to connect these two organizations.

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This is our new addition to the B. Covered blanket family.  Many of you probably know we have been needing a lighter weight blanket for the summer months.   So this is what we have come up with and it incorporates all of our favorite things–necessities even!  Exquisitely soft fleece–but much lighter weight, beautifully designed and colorful lightweight cotton, and satin trim.  You’ll notice for this edition we are leaving off the B. Covered tag and we are simply adding the embroidered Emma’s Footprints Logo.

Here is how it works: During the Months of May (Emma’s birth month) and August (Lydia Grace’s birth month), we will offer these blankets with the Emma’s Logo.  We will have a pink version, a blue version, and a gender neutral version.   You can buy as many as you want and keep them on hand for last minute gifts or as gifts for mothers-to-be who do not know or have not revealed the gender or name of their babies.  All of the profits from these blankets during these 2 summer months will be donated to Emma’s Footprints.  If you desire personalization, we can add a baby’s name for a nominal fee.  It will be embroidered below the Emma’s Footprints’ logo.

Here are my thoughts.  Mother’s Day was intended to be a day of celebration.  And no one should feel the least bit condemned for delighting in the (albeit brief) glory and recognition of our calling.  That said, mourning cannot be controlled nor can it be rushed and the celebratory nature of things like baby showers, and special holidays make the feelings of grief and isolation that much more intense for those who are still grieving.  So in response to the call of Paul in Romans 12:15 to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn– and in the same way that all of our military balls take sacred moments to acknowledge the POW’s and MIA’s by including a short but sacred ceremony of acknowledgement– offering a blanket like this allows us to give a gentle nod in the direction of those less fortunate while still partaking in the festivities of those with whom we rejoice.  I’ll be honest, the concept just makes me down right delighted.  I hope you’re catching a bit of the vibe, too.

So join me in celebrating the complexity of Mother’s Day by welcoming the Emma blanket to our collection.  May those who rejoice, and those who grieve do it with all hope and expectation that the creator of heaven and earth loves them deeply, sees them clearly, and lavishes His grace completely in every circumstance.

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In Christ,