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Why did you start making these blankets?

B. Richer Designs happened quite accidentally.   I mean that literally.  I accidentally lost Hannah’s favorite blanket. I could not find anything like it of the same quality.  So I made one.  And then someone else wanted one.  So I made one for her, too.  And then I made one with three initials appliquéd on it as a shower gift for a friend.  Then I made more.  And suddenly people wanted to buy them.  This worked out well because I was going to need to subsidize this new hobby somehow.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, ya know.  (Not even a little.  It’s made of 25% linen and 75% cotton.  Seriously, no trees….you’re welcome.)

And now here you are.  Accidents are never accidents–at least not if you believe what I believe.

B. Richer Designs has been a blessing.  I pray that as we grow we will be able to be a blessing to the world in many different ways.  My vision for this is grand in scope.  We shall see what actually comes to fruition.  Watch the blog for news as we grow!

Do your blankets come in burlap?

Well, see, we have a thing for soft around here. So….


Up until the day of this writing we have only ever used one type of fleece for the blankets we sell.  That’s it.  It’s the softest kind, and pretty much the reason people keep coming back.

Is sandpaper an option?

You could be the first person to ask this question!  But don’t.

Why is this B. Covered Blanket different than the last one I ordered?

What can I say?  I just keep getting better!

No.  Really.  There are two main reasons the blanket that just arrived looks different than the last one you ordered.  First, sometimes I change the way I make the blankets if I think it improves the way that they look or the durability of the blanket.  If the design is different it is an improvement over the last design.  If you don’t like it, please, PLEASE let me know and we will discuss replacing it with a previous design.

Another possible reason it looks different is because each of our blankets are individually made.  They are made on sewing machines but each letter is an appliqué which must be individually attached.  The satin is then sewn on after the name is applied.  They take time and as with any individually hand produced item there will be differences among each product.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be satisfied.  Completely.  Period.

If there are any issues with your blanket please contact us and we will try to make it right and we will try to do it quickly.

If you order the blanket and there is something wrong with it please let us know.  If it is our mistake we will refund your return shipping as soon as we receive it and it is repairs are made.  If by chance the mistake is yours (ex: you gave us the wrong spelling of a name) we understand how this happens.  It has happened to us a time or four.  We will replace the blanket at a significantly reduced rate plus shipping.

If you are not satisfied with the blanket and simply want to return it, we will refund the cost of the product as soon as the product is received.

What’s the deal with the prayer card?

I don’t advertise that our blankets come with prayer cards because I would not want anyone to ever think or get the impression that I am in any way “SELLING” prayers.  That would be completely inappropriate and wrong.  It is a special blessing that we like to send out with the blankets.

If you got a prayer card with your blanket it is because its our privilege to pray for the babies for whom we make blankets.  We pray over every baby as their blanket is made.

I was once told when I was praying for a baby that I might be the only voice ever lifting itself to heaven on a child’s behalf.  That was enough to motivate me to pray for every baby for whom I had the privilege of making a personalized blanket.  So I do.

I don’t include a prayer card if a customer asks for it to be excluded for any reason.  If they do ask that it be excluded, I often will send a pretty card like the one shown here instead.




How do I choose my lettering fabric?

If you were willing and able to find your way here, I am confident that you are going to successfully follow these instructions and you will be on your way in no time (and thank you for your savvy ways).  I have tried to make a very custom order as easy as possible to order.  (You’re welcome)

1) Go to the bottom of this page and click on the flikr link (Under social media links–last link on the right) This will take you to our flickr photo stream.

2) On the right hand side you will see sets of pictures with fabrics in them divided by colors.  Each of these fabrics has a name written directly on the photo.  This took a great deal of time.  (You’re welcome again)

3) Peruse

4) Once you have placed your order for the correct fleece and satin colors you want, send me a message with the name of the lettering fabric you desire.  Include the album color name  you found it in as well as the name of the specific fabric please.  This will save me a lot of time when I go to search for it because I don’t have all of the fabric names memorized.  At least not yet.

5) Include the album color name  you found it in as well as the name of the specific fabric please.  This will save me a lot of time when I go to search for it because I don’t have all of the fabric names memorized.  At least not yet.  (I know I said this twice.  I did that on purpose.)