I don’t advertise that our blankets come with prayer cards because I would not want anyone to ever think or get the impression that I am in any way “SELLING” prayers.  That would be completely inappropriate and wrong.  It is a special blessing that we like to send out with the blankets.

If you got a prayer card with your blanket it is because its our privilege to pray for the babies for whom we make blankets.  We pray over every baby as their blanket is made.

I was once told when I was praying for a baby that I might be the only voice ever lifting itself to heaven on a child’s behalf.  That was enough to motivate me to pray for every baby for whom I had the privilege of making a personalized blanket.  So I do.

I don’t include a prayer card if a customer asks for it to be excluded for any reason.  If they do ask that it be excluded, I often will send a pretty card like the one shown here instead.